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Delta Lights is a presentation technology specialist in Carlisle, UK.

We provide technology, setup, expertise and training for any kind of presentation — live or recorded, permanent or one-off, static or touring.

Our Message-based Philosophy underpins our photography, audio and video production. We provide CD, DVD and website production. We install and maintain sound and AV equipment.

Delta Lights also offers a more generalised support service for home and office technology.


Effective use of communications technology brings power to your presentations.

It's easy to give a glitsy, impressive presentation that leaves your audience confused about what you're actually trying to say!

Delta Lights is all about effective communication, not about selling technology. Our Message-driven Philosophy means that before we provide any form of presentation technology, we try to understand all aspects of your message, so we know our recommendations will be appropriate.

Message: Image

In our increasingly visual age, top-notch imagery is needed to carry your message.

Delta Lights specialises in the production and use of images, both moving video and still photography.

Message: Image: Photo

If a picture is worth a thousand words, be careful what your pictures are saying!

You have thousands of photographs, yet not one of them is exactly right. Don’t compromise with outdated or second-rate photos that confuse your message. Delta Lights specialises in taking photos to your precise requirements.

Lakeside YMCA Activity Centre

Message: Image: Photo: Inform

Information-rich photos don’t happen by accident.

To produce imagery that supports your message, we first make a list of shots we need, then we work out the most appropriate way to capture them. Often the most important aspect is camera position.

Informative photography

Message: Image: Photo: Motivate

Motivational photography goes hand-in-hand with motivational text, and often the most successful photographs are those that catch the viewer’s attention and cause them to read the accompanying message.

Message: Image: Photo: Instruct

Rear Panel Connections
Technical photographs are needed for a million “how to” moments – how to change the bulb in the fridge, how to bi-wire your hi-fi, how to plant a strawberry. Our success in this area is due to our sharp focus on the message in the photo, and the needs of the audience.

Message: Image: Video

Delta Lights produces video for all media

• Web-based delivery
• Blu-ray
• and even VHS!

Message: Image: Video: News

Set up a video podcast to keep your staff / customers / supporters up-to-date.

Web sites that include video blogs receive many more repeat visits, but getting going with the technology is daunting.

Delta Lights can set up your system, providing hardware, software and training, with ongoing support for as long as you need it.

Message: Image: Video: Memories

Ensure that your wedding, party or event
is professionally recorded.

A professional video captures the excitement, the build-up, and the emotion of the day. All the important events are faithfully captured, and the audio is crystal clear. The production is properly paced through to a pleasing conclusion.

Delta Lights produced event videos for many years, but we have now left this business.

Message: Image: Video: Training

Most of your training sessions can be delivered more effectively as video.

Video can’t re-create the buzz and dynamism of a classroom training event, but the actual learning experience is usually better:

• More up to date – trainers can re-record small sections as required.
• More entertaining – video can include a wide range of people and settings.
• More accessible – everyone has a good view of the action.
• More accommodating – trainees can schedule sessions at times to suit themselves.
• More liberating – trainers’ time is freed for more productive activities.

Professionally recorded training videos can be delivered on DVD or via your company’s intranet.

Message: Image: Video: Information

Tiny videos provide “look and feel” information that words alone cannot convey.

Differentiate your product by including “how to” videos, hints and tips, or client testimonials on your Website. A useful or funny video can bring extra exposure for your product.

Message: Image: Projection

Our core competence for many years,
Delta Lights continues to provide image projection services.

Contact us for hardware, software and training. We also offer consultation on making the best use of projected or LCD screens in your venue.

Message: Image: Projection: ShowShare

‘Projector free’ projection software

ShowShareCloud-based presentation software for churches, ShowShare works on any computer that has a Web browser, including PCs, tablets and smartphones. It pushes content directly to audience devices.

See our product Website –

Message: Image: Projection: WorshipSession

Leading from the front

WS LogoWorshipSession is our PC-only projection package for churches. Displaying song words and Bible passages, WorshipSession supports spontaneous and free-flowing worship.

WorshipSession is now largely replaced by ShowShare, but is still supported.

See our product Website –

Message: Image: Projection: Production

We can prepare your visual images for presentation, ensuring that they will make the maximum impact. You may want to include video or sound, or information from other sources. We ensure that everything is tied together so that it works flawlessly.

Message: Image: Projection: Training

Poorly used presentation technology can wreck a business proposal, a sales pitch, or a church service. It would be better if no technology had been used.

A successful presentation is sometimes like a relay race, in which several people must work together. Delta Lights training enables users to see the whole picture, the whole event, the whole team.

Message: Image: Projection: IMAG

• Image Magnification enables a presenter to be seen clearly from a long distance.
• Video relay permits “overflow” audience in a different room to view the presentation.
• Video streaming can send your presentation across the city, or across the globe.

Delta Lights is a “one stop shop” for these technologies.

Message: Copy

Everyone uses words constantly, but not everyone uses words effectively.

Whether they’re spoken, printed, or on the Web, words should be carefully chosen to match your message to your audience.

Eradicate spelling mistakes and clumsy sentences by having your copy proof-read by a professional.

Message: Copy: Inform

If you need to publish your latest news, or advertise your forthcoming events, Technology exists to get your message “out there”.

Delta Lights can help you add a blog or calendar to your Website, and provide training and support.

Message: Copy: Motivate

Your product offering is compelling, but how can you convince people?

If you want your audience to “get on board” with your message, take a moment to appreciate their point of view, before leading them to appreciate yours.

Tim Ingham is an experienced copy writer,
and can help you put your story in order.

Message: Copy: Instruct

Your installation and user guides demonstrate your commitment to quality.

It’s true that most customers don’t read the manual. That’s because most manuals are unreadable and useless! Ensure that your manuals contain the appropriate level of information, and present it in a format that the user can absorb.

Tim Ingham is an experienced copy writer,
and can help you put your story in order.

Message: Sound

There’s a critical difference between sound and noise.

Delta Lights works to provide the sound that supports your message, and remove the noise that detracts from it.

Message: Sound: Record

Produce high quality recordings of your teaching or training event.

Numerous Christian groups rely on Delta Lights to produce recordings of their conferences. We handle all aspects of order fulfilment, including hosting MP3 files or mailing out CDs, so there’s no burdensome administration for our customers.

Download our conference
AV services brochure.

Message: Sound: Amplify

Using a Public Address system solves some problems, but it causes others.

“When you use a microphone and speaker, your voice gets louder, but it doesn’t become more intelligible. In fact, sound quality always suffers.”

We can provide sound reinforcement for your venue or event. We also provide consultancy, operator training and troubleshooting of existing PA systems.

Message: Sound: Publish

You can set up a regular podcast – it’s easy!

Podcasting enables you to keep in touch with your members, customers or fans. It’s particularly useful for churches, who can publish their teaching every week. Delta Lights provides technology and training, so you can maintain your podcast with the minimum of fuss.

Message: Light

Despite our name, Delta Lights is not a supplier of general lighting. We are not related to Delta Light – supplier of quality architectural lamp fittings.

We do offer consultation and supply lighting,
but this is usually in the context of
our presentation technology.

Message: Light: Enliven

Lighting is a neglected area; for a typical presentation with a speaker,
the lighting is usually either bad or terrible.

If you give a presentation that includes projection, you want to keep the ambient light level low so that your audience can see the screen.
Unfortunately this will tend to put your audience to sleep!

If you want to record video, you will need a good light level for the camera, and you should also be aware of any strongly contrasting light levels or colours.

Delta Lights can supply both stage lighting and decor lighting,
so the presenter looks great, and the audience stays awake.

Message: Light: Accent

Add a little drama with coloured lighting or projected images.

Delta Lights can supply accent lighting for a presenter, trophy or exhibit, either for temporary setup or permanent installation.


Delta Lights offers consultancy and practical help with your hi-tech equipment.

Call us if you need to specify new hardware, or your existing audio or computer system needs attention. We also provide training to help you get the most from your equipment.

On-site support is offered within 50 miles of Carlisle.

Technology: A/V

From a Home Cinema system to a church A/V installation, the same rules apply: quality is paramount, and suitability for purpose comes a close second.

Tim Ingham has been implementing Audio Visual systems for more than 30 years, and has a good track record of providing the simplest possible solution without sacrificing quality.

Technology: A/V: Installation

For a new installation or an upgrade of your existing system, it pays to get an impartial survey and advice from an independent person.

We have designed and installed numerous PA systems. Our “message driven” philosophy means that we emphasise clarity of reproduction above all else, so we always specify high-end loudspeakers. Nevertheless our clients often find they spend less than they expected.

Technology: A/V: Repair

When something stops working, it can be a real challenge to pinpoint exactly where the problem is.

Public Address systems, and especially computer projection systems, are increasingly complex and inscrutable. We can diagnose the problem and make repairs or recommendations as necessary.

Technology: A/V: Training

At least 90% of disasters with presentation technology are caused by human errors.

Sound and visual services should be transparent – the audience should hardly notice they’re there, but all too often their presence is painfully evident. If the wrong slide is displayed, or there’s howling feedback on the PA speakers, it’s easy to blame to A/V operator, when actually the cause may lie elsewhere.

Delta Lights facilitates interactive training sessions in which presenters, musicians and A/V operators can meet and learn from each other. Tim Ingham is a presenter, musician, sound tech and projector operator, and is familiar with the various problems and requirements.

Technology: Broadband/Email/Web

We can help you navigate the connections in the digital superhighway.

• Install broadband connection
• Set up email/Webcam/Skype
• Publish a Website, or start a blog
• Sort out connection problems
• Configure firewall, anti-virus
• Training for all Internet users

Technology: PC/Network

Delta Lights offers technical support to the small office / home user in Carlisle.

Technology: PC/Network: Installation

A solid and reliable network of PCs enables you to focus on your work,
not on your equipment.

Delta Lights offers a “fast response” service for the installation, upgrade and maintenance of office IT. Our service includes broadband access, shared printers, file servers, backup, workstations, wiring and software installation.

If you are considering a new purchase, we can offer the best possible price for a complete service from requirements to installation.

Technology: PC/Network: Training

Computer systems are increasingly complex. Who will you turn to when you need something explaining?

Delta Lights offers technical training to individuals and small groups in the Carlisle area. Training Sessions are low-stress, informal, and could save you money.

Training topics include basic and advanced word processing / spreadsheet / database / photo processing / Internet.

About Us

Delta Lights is a small business offering a personal approach
and excellent value for money.

The business started 1981, initially making dramatic lighting and PA equipment. Almost all of our initial business was in churches and related venues. As computer equipment became widely available, we specialised in the application of technology to presenting a message.

Churches obviously have a Gospel to preach, but all organisations have some sort of message to present, and the skills and technology required in churches are also vital in the wider business world.

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